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Modern Cairo is a dazzling varied metropolis that hums with activity all year round.

A city of contrasts, it is a place where donkey carts, jockey with Mercedes along the crowded streets where a thousand minarets adorn the skyline alongside a sea of skyscrapers.
Each of the pagan, Christian and Muslim civilizations which Cairo has hosted has left its imprint in the form of customs, celebrations, monuments and artifacts.

Monuments such as the Pyramids, Sphinx, lively bazaars, Famous Islamic Mosques and ancient Coptic Churches open a window of a glorious past.

A Center of cultural, social intellectual, economic and political activity, Cairo also holds a diversity of world famous hotel chains, glittering nightclubs, Casinos, and discos Cairo the city that never sleeps, being the cultural and commercial center of the Arab world and the largest in Africa and the Middle East.

Cairo is, Egypt s capital, where East meets west, combining the exoticism of one and the sophistication of the other, is the largest city in Africa and the heart of the Arab world.

 Cairo strikes one as a land of vivid contrasts. Its ancient civilization, unique history and culture blend harmoniously with the modern refinements of the 20th century.

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