Aliens Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

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Aliens Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

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as the Egypt vacation packages prices; Outsiders, ‘old space explorers’ or maybe the antiquated Egyptian ‘divine beings’ (truly extraterrestrials) may have propelled the working of the Egyptian pyramids (like God motivates the working of houses of prayer), yet it was your fundamental human hard work that did the genuine development in spite of the considerable number of hardships. Here are a few contemplations on why we need to congratulate ourselves and not the backs of outsiders for these amazing structures, one of which is the last one remaining of the seven unique antiquated marvels of the world.

Aliens Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

*One basic subject in creation folklore is that the ‘divine beings’ made people to serve them and do the hard yards as far as sweat and drudge. That by itself is suggestive that the supposed ‘divine beings’ (that is, the ‘old space travelers’) did not sweat and work and manufacture the pyramids utilizing whatever cutting edge at their summon; rather people raised these monstrous structures as tombs (and as a stairway to the sky in existence in the wake of death) to respect their ‘divine beings’, of which the pharaoh was thought to be as one after death. So a tomb for the left lord was likewise a landmark raised to the ‘divine beings’.

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*Archaeological burrows inside sight of the Great Pyramids at Giza have revealed ‘towns’ and graveyards where the human work compel that arranged and fabricated the pyramids, and gave the required framework (like sustenance) lived and kicked the bucket and were covered, including, obviously, the skeletal stays of those laborers.

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*Detailed medicinal investigation of those skeletons uncovers the sorts of anatomical conditions and unplanned wounds that would be regularly connected with; that which would come about because of the backbreaking kind of work related with stonework; moving and situating gigantic stone squares.

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*Images or reliefs in different sanctuaries, tombs and different structures portray scenes of vast gatherings of men pulling huge stone squares as well as doing the sorts of things that stonemasons do.


*Graffiti has been revealed inside various antiquated Egyptian pyramid destinations deserted by the work groups who did the hard yards. It’s a kind of old likeness the WWII “Kilroy Was Here” kind of thing.

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*The pyramids demonstrate a characteristic development in styling from the basic mastaba to the more mind boggling as in mastabas heaped one over the other (the Step Pyramid), at that point at long last to the genuine pyramid shape now so natural to us in their outline and structure, beginning with the Red Pyramid at Dahshur. Pyramids are not all close indistinguishable clones that those at the Giza necropolis may recommend.


*Associated with that development, we discover pyramids that wound up in an ‘uh oh’ condition; pyramids that endured development setbacks like the Pyramid of Meidum where the external bits simply kind of fallen in a store uncovering the internal center. The Bent Pyramid was “bowed” on the grounds that it was acknowledged part of the way through that the first edge was excessively steep and the best half was developed at a lesser point. The pharaoh concerned was a despondent camper about that ‘oh no’ thus the Bet Pyramid was then relinquished unused. Outsiders wouldn’t have committed such trail-and-mistake errors.

*The pyramid shape is not really something out-of-this-world. It’s a basic geometrical shape understood to the people of yore.


*Looking at pictures of the pyramids, both outside and interior, you’d be really unable to think about these as something cutting edge. On the off chance that ‘antiquated space travelers’ can get from that point to here in innovative spaceships, and when they arrived they at that point constructed these pyramids, at that point you’d expect something more cutting edge ‘gosh-goodness’, ‘golly-hmm’, with glimmering lights and heaps of glass, chrome-and-steel, pottery and-plastics, all joined into that kind of compositional designing that we utilize today. Unadulterated stone may be noteworthy, however innovative it’s definitely not.


*Modern researchers and Egyptologists have indicated conceivable ways antiquated people could have utilized ‘crude’ procedures that arranged the pyramids and leveled them as for the ground and developed them to abnormal amounts of precisions of length and slant. No cutting edge was required.

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*What conceivable intention could ‘antiquated space explorers’ have needed to build such things in any occasion? They weren’t tombs for outsiders; they unquestionably weren’t condos or office hinders for extraterrestrials.


*No strange curios have been found in or around the pyramids that can be related with the season of the pyramids and the pyramid developers, the kind of devices and gear you may discover in any cutting edge handyman shop. Undoubtedly nothing that appeared as though it ought to have a place among the props on the “Star Trek” film or TV set has been archived.


*The just genuine strange relic I’m mindful of that is suggestive of some odd goings on is that little wooden ‘winged animal’ found inside an old Egyptian tomb at Saqqara in 1898, dated to a few centuries BCE, now at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo [1]. Oh dear, it’s named a “flying creature” since it is senseless to mark it a “plane”, yet that is precisely what it would seem that, and scaled up models fly like a plane and are efficiently solid. That is not really prove, far less verification, outsiders were in antiquated Egypt and in this manner probably assembled the pyramids, however the diversion is brewing and clarifications are required.

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*Ancient Egyptians abandoned a terrible parcel of pictures on the dividers of tombs, sanctuaries, monoliths, stele, and so forth of their divine beings, pharaohs, their regular day to day existence at work and play, their family exercises, fighting scenes, and so forth. Nothing jumps out as anything clearly ‘out of this world’ as in portrayals of ‘The Grays’ or of flying saucers or any kind of heavenly scenes like say the planet Saturn finish with rings or an exact pictorial delineation of say our close planetary system. Some of their ‘divine beings’ do look something beyond somewhat abnormal with their creature heads, yet at any rate they are the heads of earthbound creatures portrayed.


*However, an intriguing picture or help at the Temple of [the goddess] Hathor at Dendera, Egypt demonstrates two old Egyptians, clearly ministers, each holding up what shows up at to start with, second and even third look to be a colossal light total with link connections at the backside [2], however judging by different people in the petroglyph nothing truly is proportional. In any case, a light independent from anyone else is pointless. To be powerful and do its light thing, a gigantic framework is required behind it. You’d require an electric power plant, or generator, or vast batteries and electric wiring. There’s no power source appeared and there’s no such electric producing framework revealed in the archeological record. This picture gives off an impression of being an erratic and the items most likely aren’t what they appear to be to our cutting edge eyes. Just those portrayed in the picture, and maybe the person who cut it and the target group would comprehend what it truly connotes.


*However, that picture raises an intriguing inquiry, and, IMHO, a true blue puzzle. How were paths in tombs (like the pyramids) and sanctuaries, some of the time kilometers long when considering every one of the turns and turns; regularly burrows (with multi side chambers) diving down to profundities comparable to a 30-story building, lit? Tests with reflecting mirrors utilizing outside common light flop after a few hundred feet. There are a wide range of exceptionally point by point engravings/pictographs etched on the dividers and roofs; same compositions. However, in the event that all was lite by consuming lights, where’s all the smoke ash? Would you be able to build such expound paths/chambers from strong shake and very point by point artworks and carvings and engravings in all out obscurity aside from candles/lights without deserting residue and demolishing your vision to boot? Really? I proved unable. Fairly related is a reasonable oxygen supply in some of those extremely profound tombs. There just wouldn’t have been sufficient to help numerous specialists. Indeed, even archeologists slipping down today can wind up in trouble.


*Finally, a lot of what applies here applies similarly to the pyramids related with the different societies of Mesoamerica. I see no proof at all that people couldn’t of developed these structures.

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Presently don’t misunderstand me, there are in reality many, numerous unsolved (yet not unsolvable) inconsistencies or puzzles related with the Egyptian pyramids (like lighting) that will keep Egyptologists and archeologists and antiquarians occupied for ages yet, however summoning ‘antiquated space travelers’ doesn’t appear to be exceptionally useful in pushing forward such arrangements that examination will in the end comprehend and stick the workmanship where it has a place, on the person. So, I’m more than willing to yield that outsiders may be related with at least one purposes behind people constructing the pyramids, yet that is a long ways from saying outsiders really fabricated the pyramids or gave people our cutting edge even modern (by all accounts) innovation to achieve same.


P.S.: Contrary to run of the mill and stereotyped Hollywood (and comparative) delineations, slaves didn’t fabricate the pyramids either. You had a willful work compel (in support of the pharaoh), a very much nourished, housed and cared for workforce.


[1] Corliss, William R. (Compiler); “The little wooden plane” (in) Ancient Man: A handbook of Puzzling Artifacts; The Sourcebook Project, Glen Arm, Maryland; 1978; pages 454-455:


[2] Sanderson, Ivan T.; “Horrendously old electrics” (in) Investigating the Unexplained: A Compendium of Disquieting Mysteries of the Natural World; Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; 1972; pages 179-196:

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