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Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

The Egypt pyramid holiday packages, Life in ancient Egypt was an interesting time. It was a vivid society that mastered ship structure, built the pyramids and large monuments.

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The tombs of ancient Egyptians show the exceptional care in which they readied themselves for life after death.

Egyptians did not want to be without comfort in the afterlife. Their tombs contained household furniture, clothing, as well as tools. They painted the walls of their tombs with snapshots of their daily life.

By studying these tomb paintings, we discovered how they prepped particular foods and what their major diet was.

Life in ancient Egypt started with food items. The main food in an Egyptian’s regimen were grain goods, as well as beer. Sometimes food was used to pay labourers.

Grains and agriculture were rich in ancient Egypt due to the yearly flooding of the Nile.

At least two varieties of grain were planted.

The Egyptians enjoyed various fruits like grapes, figs, dates, and also pomegranates, and flour to make a range of baked goods. Egypt pyramid

Ancient Egyptians ate lentils, beans, peas, as well as chickpeas. The eating plan of top-notch Egyptians was much more diverse. It included a mixture of cress, lettuce, garlic, pumpkins, and seeds of a variety of plants.

Daily life in ancient Egypt consisted of eating low-cost fish, and poultry; pigeons, geese, ducks, or goat, mutton and also pig.

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Only farmsteads and also estates of the rich had barns and buildings with shops for slaughtering cattle.

Tomb paintings show that fattening cattle was remarkably important. Antelopes, gazelles, and also ibexes meat were considered treasured.

The food was processed for consumption as soon as it was slaughtered. Egyptians would cook the food in cauldrons or rotisserie it on an open fire. If a food was scarce they might dehydrate it.

Wine was given only to important officials and the royal palace. Often in the course of a special festivity, a common Egyptian could have a little taste.

Some wines were imported from the East, generally Syria, and some were made right in Egypt. The vines required a good deal of nurturing and were planted in mudholes from the Nile.

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The Kitchen area

The kitchen space in ancient Egypt was usually in the rear of the house. But if on an estate the kitchen would be located in another structure.

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Because cooking was mainly done over an open pit fire, there generally was no roof.

In one edge of the cooking area was a millstone for flour, and usually a tiny oven for baking, and fireplace for cooking anything else.

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