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Egypt holiday packages all inclusive


Welcome to the Land of the Pharaohs!
If you have not seen what Egypt has to offer, you have deprived yourself of a chance to be bowled over by the awe-inspiring artifacts left behind by one of the greatest civilizations of man. The main attraction of Egypt holidays is pyramids. You may have seen pictures of pyramids and felt that in spite of their size, they are quite simple structures. However, only people who have enjoyed the privilege of standing in front of one these structures actually know how overwhelming the experience is.

Egypt holiday packages all inclusive
The largest pyramids were built for preserving the mortal remains the kings and around it smaller ones were constructed for their wives and other relatives. These mighty monuments were built over a period of a thousand years. Since there are many such, one can actually spend days exploring them. However, the one that really stands out was constructed by the great king Khufu of the fourth dynasty that lasted from 2,575 BC to 2,465 BC. The structure is said to be more than 450 feet! Surprisingly in spite of being one of the oldest pyramids, this colossal marvel of architecture has withstood the ravages of time better than the ones that were constructed later.

Egypt holiday packages all inclusive

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No Egypt holiday is complete without a visit to the Abu Simble Temples. These temples were commissioned by King Ramis II. More than 3,000 years ago these stupendous temples were carved out of sandstone cliffs. Few people have doubts about the might of the ancient pharaohs after they see these structures. In fact, they were constructed to inspire awe in anyone who sailed down the Nile. The statues of Amun-Re, Ramesses II, Ptah, and Re- Horakhty are placed in such a way that sun rays reach the statues and illuminate them twice a year! What is more interesting is that these temples were actually relocated from their original location when Lake Nasser was created because of the construction of the high dam. Now tourists can enjoy a cruise on the 500 mile long lake before they visit the temples.

Along with the historical attractions of Egypt, holidays spent in this exotic country are also incomplete without a day or two in Cairo. Not only does the capital city have art galleries, shopping malls, and medieval bazaars, it also has an interesting nightlife. You need not worry too about safety issues while visiting Egypt as it is known for sectarian harmony.
So do not waste time! Pack you bags for an Egypt holiday now!


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