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Hanging Church Cairo

The Hanging Church is located in the old Cairo, in the Coptic region of Cairo.

And south of the Coptic Museum and includes 13 giant columns representing Christ and the Twelve Apostles.


Hanging Church Cairo

Coptic Cairo area 

1- Ben Ezra synagogue, the Church of St. Mina next to the fortress of Babylon.

2 –Abu Seifin Church and many other churches. .

3- Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque.

4- Coptic Museum.

5- Abu Serga church

Church history and Design

The Hanging church built on the ruins of a place where the Holy Family, hidden during the three years they spent in Egypt.

It named ” Hanging church ” because it built on two towers of the ancient Roman Fort “Babylonian fortress”.

which built by ” Emperor Trajan” in the second century AD. considered the oldest surviving churches in Egypt.

The Hanging Church Cairo considered one of the most important archaeological monuments in Coptic Egypt,

which intended for tourists upon arrival to Egypt, due to its historical importance and its outstanding architectural building which makes it a tourist attraction.


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