How Many Nights Make a Great Nile Cruise?

Cheap Price Nile Cruise Holidays All inclusive

How Many Nights Make a Great Nile Cruise?

Cheap Price Nile Cruise Holidays All inclusive in Egypt

as Cheap Price Nile Cruise Holidays, All inclusive in Egypt A cruise along the Nile makes for an unforgettable holiday, one full of discovering ancient history whilst reclining in luxury. Cruises can vary from anything between 3 and 10 days, so it can be difficult to know how long to go to get what you want out of your cruise holiday. Here is a short summary of what you might get up to on 3, 4, 7 or 10-night cruises, making your choice easier.

Cheap Price Nile Cruise Holidays All inclusive in Egypt

1- 3 nights –Nile Cruise Holidays

This is a great introduction to the Nile, starting in Aswan and ending in Luxor. Along this trip you can see wonderful temples at Philae, Kom Ombo, Luxor and Karnak, and the temples of Horus and Queen Hatshepsut. During the day explore the Valley of the Kings which has been the burial place of Pharaohs for centuries, and at night enjoy oriental music and dancing.

Cheap Price Nile Cruise Holidays All inclusive
2- 4 nights- Nile Cruise Holidays

This cruise will take you up the Nile this time, from Luxor to Aswan. As well as all the sights to behold on a 3 night cruise you can also visit the Temple of Hathor, a splendid temple which is almost intact with a huge stone roof, columns covered in hieroglyphs and underground passages. As you approach Aswan you will also be able to ride on a felucca, a traditional Egyptian boat, around Elephantine Island and the Agha Khan Mausoleum.

3- 7 nights –Nile Cruise Holidays

Those extra nights on a 7-night cruise mean that even more of Egypt’s fascinating history is available to you. In addition to the sights on 3 and 4 night cruises you can see the beautiful scenery by Qena, the Abydos Temple, the Temple of Khnum and the Temple of Horus. Egyptian cooking lessons, dancing and music provide entertainment between stops.
‘Death on the Nile’ is one of Agatha Christie’s famous detective stories, and on a 7 night themed Nile cruise travellers can receive complimentary copies of the book and can enjoy afternoon tea on the terrace of the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract hotel, just as Christie herself did.

4- 10 nights – Nile Cruise Holidays

On a 10 night cruise travellers can get the ultimate Egyptian experience. The stretch of the Nile between Cairo and Luxor has been closed for over a decade, and now that it has been reopened, tourists on 10 night cruises have the chance for a very special experience. On top of all the sights of shorter cruises, budding explorers can see the rock-tombs of Beni Hassan that are carved into the limestone cliffs, Tel El Armarna which was the city built for a revolutionary religion, and the Red and White Monasteries.
Additional entertainment is also provided in the form of a hieroglyphics class and lectures from your Egyptologist guide, on top of other cultural experiences.

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