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We Select the best Nile cruise boat List on the River Nile, 

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Nile Cruise List


Nile Cruise Boat List for Saturday as Following :


5 days start every Saturday from Luxor 4 days start every Wednesday from Aswan Cruise Category
Princess Sarah Cruise  Deluxe
Chateau LaFayette Cruise      Deluxe
Nile Quest Nile Cruise Deluxe
Miss Egypt Nile Cruise Deluxe
Solaris I Nile Cruise Deluxe
Concerto Nile cruise  
Beau Soleil Nile Cruise
 Carnaval Nile Cruise  
 Crown Jewel Jaz Cruise  


Cruises Start Every Monday from Luxor for 5 days 4 nights

Every Friday from Aswan to Luxor for 4 days 3 nights


5 days start every Monday from Luxor 4 days start every Friday from Aswan Cruise Category
Blue Shadow Nil cruise 
Radamis II Cruise             
Nile Style Cruise
Grand Princess Cruise
Solaris II Nile Cruise
Zeina Cruise
Hapi 5 Cruise 
Kahila Nile Cruise 
Jamila Nile cruise
Farah Nile Cruise  Luxury
 Movenpick Royal Lili Cruise Luxury
Esplanade Cruise Luxury
Mayfair Nile Cruise Luxury
Steigenberger Royal Nile cruise Luxury
Sonesta St. George Nile Cruise Luxury
Movenpick Ms Hamees  Luxury


Cruises Start Every Thursday EX Luxor for 4 nights 

And every Monday EX Aswan for 3 nights


5 days start every Thursday from Luxor 4 days start every Monday from Aswan Cruise Category
  Movenpick MS Sun Ray Luxury


5 Days Nile cruise start from Luxor to Aswan 

Cruise Itinerary 


Day 1 



    12:00 Check-In
Lunch on board
Visit East Bank (Karnak & Luxor Temples)
Dinner on board
Belly dancer
Overnight in Luxor
Day 2

Luxor / Sailing to Edfu

     Breakfast on board
Visit West Bank — Valley of the Kings , Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Sail to Edfu via Esna
Lunch on board
Afternoon tea
Cocktail in the lounge
Dinner on board
Overnight in Edfu  
Day 3

Edfu / Sailing to Aswan

Breakfast on board
Visit Horus Temple in Edfu
Sail to Kom Ombo
Lunch onboard visit the Temple shared by two gods SobekHaeroris in Kom Ombo
Afternoon tea during
sail to Aswan
Dinner on board
Galabia Party
Overnight in Aswan.
Day 4 : 


Breakfast on board
Visit the High Dam, the Temple of Philae by motorboat.
Lunch on board
Dinner on board
Nubian show
Overnight in Aswan.
Day 5



Breakfast on board
8:00 Check- out


Our Nile Cruise Package

5 days Nile cruise start from Luxor to Aswan

4 Days Nile cruise start from Aswan 

7 Days 6 Nights Cairo & Nile Cruise 

8 Days 7 Nights Cairo, Luxor Aswan by Nile cruise 

9 Days 8 Nights Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor & Aswan by Nile cruise 

10 Days 9 Nights Cairo, Hurghada & Nile Cruise