The Pompey Pillar

The Pompey’s Pillar

Is one of the oldest memorial columns in the world, It is an ancient Roman column, Pompey Pillar: One of the most famous landmarks of ancient Alexandria is the Roman monument known as the Pillar of the Saints.

Pompey Pillar

Located on a high plateau, which allows it to see from a distance.

The column built in 292 AD.

Erected in honor of Emperor Diocletian in the third century AD, the last surviving remnant of the Serapium Temple erected by Postumus.

The design 

It made of red granite stone. The column is one piece, 20.75 meters long, 2.70 meters in diameter, 2.30 meters at the crown.

The total height of the column including the base and the crown is 26.85

On the western side of the column are two accessible bases under an underground staircase.

There also two Sphinx statues made of pink granite dating back to the Ptolemy VI era. One of them is an engraving of King ” Hor Mohb ”  from the eighteenth Dynasty.



Alexandria day Tour 

It’s part of our Alexandria day tour  from Cairo, for full-day tour visiting major sight in Alexandria, ” Citadel of Qaitbay”, and ” Catacombs”  ” Kom El shokafa ”