Roman Theater in Alexandria

Roman Theater in Alexandria

The Roman Theater in Alexandria, Located in ” Kom el Dekka ” is one of the ruins of the Roman times, established at the beginning of the 4th century AD .

This building discovered by accident, during the removal of soil to search for the tomb of Alexander the Great by the Polish mission in 1960.

Roman Theater in Alexandria

Roman Theater in Alexandria

The Design of Roman Theater 

The building designed as a horseshoe or letter u, consisting of 13 rows of marble terraces with Greek letters and numbers to organize the seating process, first from the bottom.

Theater will Use : 

In Roman times

The building used as a music hall (Adéon) as it had a listening element thanks to the dome and orchestra area.

In the Byzantine era

Use the building as its listening hall (Plutarium)

The Theater contains 


1- Remaining columns from different eras

2 – a painting with a portrait of King Seti the first presents the skipper

3 – a second painting on the inscription of King Seti I

4 – Statue of the Sphinx of King Ramses II

5 – Statue of the Sphinx of King Basmatik Neferdaib Ra captivity 26

6- A painting by Ptah
7- A painting with a cow’s head rock



Up to 600 people.

It made of pink granite. The top of these stands is 5 booths with two spaces remaining.

The roof of these compartments has vaults based on a series of columns. The terraces are based on a thick wall of limestone surrounded by another wall.

The two walls are connected by a series of arches and basements.

The outer wall is a strong pillar of the inner wall. There are also two mosaics with geometric motifs at the entrance to the west.


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