Unfinished Obelisk

The Unfinished Obelisk Aswan 

Established during the reign of  “Queen Hatshepsut ”  .  It was called for Unfinished Obelisk

It is 41 meters long and weighs about 117 tons .

One of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan was carved in the granite mountain , which was designed to carve obelisks in southern Aswan but did not cut.

It is important to explain how it is built and how to cut the obelisks

And notes the signs of the methods of tools and paintings of dolphins and birds carved on this huge obelisk.

The unfinished obelisk Still stuck to the mother rock where the ancient Egyptians were extracting granite .

One of the secrets till now is how the ancient Egyptian transported these heavy stones on the Nile – some of them weighed 12 tons or more. They are astonished at how to transfer a 280-tonne obelisk on the Nile and move it from Aswan to the Luxor Temple.

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