Arabic Famous words | useful Arabic Phrases for tourist

Useful Arabic Phrases

Egyptian Arabic is the commonly spoken language, here is useful Arabic Phrases based on the dialect of Cairo, and is occasionally written in Arabic script, or in Arabic chat alphabet mostly on new communication services. Here are a few Arabic words for you to practice for the trip.

List of Arabic famous Phrases for tourist 


Hello / Welcome                                   Ahlan

Goodbye                                                    Salam

Good morning                                        Sabah El kheir

Good Evening                                         Misaa El Kheir

Thank you                                                Shukran

How Are You?                                         Ezayek?

How can I get to … ?                              Ezay arooh le  ?

How much does this cost?                   Bekam dah ?

Egyptian pound                                       Geneih

I am sorry:                                               Ana assef

Please / Excuse me                                 law samaht

My name is ..                                            Ana ismi

Ok                                                                 Mashy

What time is it ?                                      El sa’a kam ?

Where is ..?                                              Fein el .. ?

What is this?                                             Eih da ?