Valley of Queens 

Valley of Queens

The place where the wives of the Pharaohs were buried in ancient times, as well as princes and princesses of various members of the nobility.

The valley is located near the famous Valley of the Kings, on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor.

This place was buried the queens of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth . families .

The number of tombs discovered is 91, among them the tomb of Prince Ahmus and the son of Ramses II Amon Harb Habashf and the remarkable presence of a mummy for a fetus of five months. The scientists concluded that That her mother was pregnant at the time of his death and was very saddened by grief and lost her fetus from grief, and the newly opened Queen Tete cemetery, depicting the following inscriptions on the walls of the fields of Alaro or Paradise as depicted by the ancient Egyptian and the ritual of embalming and the holy journey of eternal life.

The most famous tombs of the Valley of the Queens is the tomb of Queen Nefertari, wife of Ramses II, but the greatest and most beautiful wife at all so called Nefertari beautiful beautiful.

Ramses II wanted to express the intensity of his love for his wife and loyalty to her ordered the establishment of the most beautiful cemetery for the most beautiful queen, and showed the skill of the Egyptian artist how to portray Nefertari wearing dresses made of thin linen and the accuracy of transparency, and the drawings show the importance Give gifts to the gods to satisfy them and allow them to cross into eternal life.