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Egypt located in the northeastern part of Africa.
which is one of the Arab countries, where the part is located on the continent of Africa and part on the continent of Asia.

It also includes the Sinai Peninsula

Map of Egypt , tourist map


The border of Egypt

bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea.

and on the west by the State of Libya.

on the east by the Red Sea and the State of Palestine.

The Geography of Egypt

Egypt has among its territory the River Nile, which is home to most of the Egyptian population.

Most of Egypt’s land consists of sandy deserts, one of which is the Western Desert located in the west, and the other the Eastern Desert that extends from the Nile Valley.

The highest point of the Sinai peninsula, especially St. Catherine and Moses mountain , is 2642 meters above sea level.

Egypt has three sources of water; the first is the Noble River, which flows from Lake Tana in Ethiopia, and the second, the White Nile, which originates from Lake Victoria in Uganda, and the shortest source is the Atbara.


General information 

Population: The population is 85294388, according to population estimates for 2013.

Capital: Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in terms of population; it has a population of 9120350 people, according to population estimates for 2013.

Currency: Egyptian pound.

Language: Arabic is the official language spoken by Egyptians, in addition to French and English.

Religion: Islam accounts for 90% of Egyptians, 10 % of Christians, they live in peace with each other


The system of government in Egypt is republican, where there is a president who is elected directly by the people through the ballot box.

The term of the president of the republic is 4 years and is responsible for the interests of the people and the nation.