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Ben Ezra synagogue 

Ben Ezra Synagogue Cairo Located in the area of ” El Fustat ” in the Coptic Cairo of Egypt.

It one of the largest and most important synagogues in Egypt.


Ben Ezra synagogue 

Ben Ezra Synagogue History 

He called ” Ben Ezra “, according to Ezra the scribe, one of the rabbis of the Jews.

The Synagogue originally  ” Orthodox Church ” and sold to the Jewish community.

Throughout history, the temple has used by the majority of Jewish communities in Egypt.

It used by Iraqi Jews, and the ” Ashkenazi ” and the ” Sefardim “, and ended up as a synagogue for the rabbinical Jews after the Jewish community moved to Cairo in the ” Fatimid era ” and they spoke Arabic as their original language.

The Synagogue Contains a library and a collection of books about the history of the Jews in Egypt.

The Design 

The synagogue consists of two floors

The first used for worshipers of men and the second for women’s prayer.

And contain two rows of marble columns with beautiful crowns, and divided into three sections, the largest is the middle, which is above the of lighting and ventilation.

At the center of it is the preaching platform, around which the seats of worshipers are located, and the temple on the eastern side, containing the Ark of the Covenant and the scrolls of the Torah.


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