Alexandria Egypt 

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The largest port in Egypt, And the most important summer resort in the Middle East. It lies on the Mediterranean, west of the Nile Delta, 220 Km from Cairo.

History of Alexandria Egypt 

Alexander the great was built at his orders on the site of a small village called Racotis, in 332 BC to be the capital of his realm in Egypt, and a seaport close to his homeland, as well as a center of Greek culture and civilization.
Alexandria remained for centuries, a beacon of cultures from the world over, and left its mark on the history of mankind.
Today, Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt.
Its ideally situated has a temperate climate and soft sandy beaches.

Landmarks of Alexandria Egypt 

Alexandria Library

The New Library of Alexandria reconstruction of the library of ancient Alexandria, one of the largest libraries of its time, where the library rebuilt in a location close to the old library at Almatqa Shatby Alexandria.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the fourth largest Francophone library in the world, and the second-largest library of its contents after the New York Library.

The new library opened in 2002.

Activities in Library

  • You can visit the library of audio and visual materials, where the library includes some media of different types of audio and visual and cover various topics, such as educational, cultural, religious, and cinematic.
  • For those interested in reading the microfilm library, the library offers you the opportunity to view some different manuscripts and documents.

In addition to the Egyptian daily newspapers from the date of issuance until now.

  • Visit the library of rare books and special collections, as the Rare Book Reading Hall contains a huge collection of rare books owned by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and printed before 1920.

In addition to several books dedicated to the library, and manuscripts in different languages ​​including Arabic, Turkish, and Persian.

  • You can also visit the map library, which has about 7,000 maps covering all parts of the world, with a particular focus on Egypt, Arab countries, and Mediterranean countries.

It also contains many aerial and space photos.

The most important collection of the map library map drawn by Sharif Idrisi in 1154 maps of the book (image of the Earth).

New Library Museums

The library contains 6 museums, some of which are listed below:

  • Museum of Antiquities within the library. The museum collection includes different ages of Egyptian civilization from the beginning of the Pharaonic era until the Islamic era, through many other civilizations, including Greek.

The museum houses about 1080 antique pieces.

The Roman Theater

Roman theater is located in Kom El Dekka, one of the ruins of the Roman era.

It was built at the beginning of the 4th century AD.

The Roman theater is now one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Alexandria.

The best activities you can do in the Roman Theater in Alexandria
• You can start walking around the theater from the outside and watch the process of building great engineering.

  • You can see the u-shaped runway.

It consists of 13 rows of terraces, numbered with Greek letters and numbers to organize the seating process, and can accommodate 600 people.
• You can also see the top of the stands and contain 5 booths with only two left, and two mosaics with geometric motifs at the entrance to the west.

The theater is available for visiting every day of the week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Citadel of Qaitbay

Qaytbay castle located at the end of Faros Island in the far west of Alexandria and built in the place of the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria.

Qaitbay Castle, one of the most important castles in Egypt for its ancient history and strong positions against the enemies of Egypt,

  • Enjoy the sea view that surrounds the castle from three sides, and you can see the walls and the main tower from the north-west side.

The walls divided into internal and external walls. The interior comprised of former barracks and weapons stores

As for the outer wall of the citadel, the four sides have defensive towers that rise to the level of the fence.

  • You can see the art of building this strategic castle, where the castle consists of three square-shaped floors

The first floor occupies the mosque of the castle, and the mosque had a minaret but recently collapsed.

  • The second floor contains corridors, halls, and interior rooms. The third floor has a large room (Sultan Qayt Bay).
  • Take a tour around the castle from the outside and enjoy the magnificent views of the castle’s Corniche

Catacombs ” Kom Al shokafa ” 

These tombs are located in Alexandria, in the area of Kom al-Shakafa, south of Mina al-Basal neighborhood.

It considered one of the most important tombs in the city.

The area named because of the large number of pottery scraps and fragments that accumulated in this place due to its size, It one of the clearest examples of the interplay of Roman art in the city and the most impressive examples of funerary architecture. The tomb was discovered by chance on September 28, 1900, although the excavation began in this area since 1892 but discovered only in the year 1900.

The Greek-Roman Museum

It displays a wide variety of artifacts found in and around Alexandria, most of which are traces of the Balthamian period and the later Roman period.

It opened its doors to visitors in 1892.

The museum is considered one of the most important tourist places in Egypt
The best activities you can do at the Greco-Roman Museum
• You can start to see the collection of the most important monuments of the Coptic era, which was found in Alexandria, including a marble tablet of St. Abominia.

And a collection of pottery vessels depicting Egyptian art in the form of birds and crowns of marble in the form of baskets.
• You can also visit the third hall of the museum, which includes a collection of gold ornaments and various statues and artifacts.

In Hall 13 you can see a statue of a Roman emperor wearing a military uniform.

And Hall No. 15, this hall contains architectural elements of the remains of the buildings and tombs of Alexandria, the Egyptian-Greek mixed.

  • The museum consists of 22 separate halls, each containing a different kind of artifacts and pieces of art

Each room has a guide to explain the history of the artifacts you see.

The Pompey’s Pillar

The Pompey Pillar is an ancient Roman column located in the city of Alexandria in Egypt and is one of the most famous archaeological sites.

It built on top of the hill of Sedra Gate between the current Muslim cemetery area known as the column tombs and the Koum al-Shakafa archaeological hill.

About 27 meters long and made of red granite. Held in honor of Emperor Diocletian in the third century AD.

It is the last remnant of the Serapium Temple erected by Postumus.

The highest monument in the world.

The date of the creation column is not specifically determined but dates back to the Roman era, and it said that this column was dedicated to Christianity after its victory in Alexandria Ali Miram in the battle of T-shirt.

The column named after the column of the masts to the Arab era, where it is believed to have resulted from the height of this column between 400 other columns, which is similar to the masts of ships and therefore called the Arabs column masts.

Since the Crusades knew the Pompey pillar, some Europeans thought that the Roman commander Pompey, who escaped to Egypt from Julius Caesar and killed in Egypt, thought that his head placed in a precious burial jar and placed above the crown of the column.


Lighthouse of Alexandria 

The Lighthouse of Alexandria or the Lighthouse of Alexandria

“Pharos of Alexandria ” is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Location was on the edge of the Pharos Peninsula, which is the current location of the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria Egypt.

It is considered the first lighthouse in the world. It built during the reign of Ptolemy II in 270 A.D.

The length was 120 meters high and was destroyed in an earthquake in 1323.

Abou Abbas Mosque

The Museum of Fine Arts

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