Hatshepsut Temple

The temple of the 18th pharaonic Egyptian family, and the best remaining temples built about 3500 years, Hatshepsut temple located on West bank of the River Nile in Luxor

It was built by Queen Hatshepsut on the west bank of the Nile, opposite Taibe (the capital of ancient Egypt and the seat of Amun worship) (Luxor today). The temple of Hatshepsut is characterized by its own unique architectural design compared to the Egyptian temples that were built on the eastern bank of the Nile in Thebes.

The temple consists of three consecutive floors on open balconies. The temple was built of limestone and in front of the columns on the second floor were statues of limestone of the god Osiris and of Queen Hatshepsut in a beautiful distribution. Originally, these statues were colored, and only a few of the remains of the colors remained, and some of the statues were in very good condition, indicating the elegance of the temple’s design and beauty.

Who is Queen Hatshepsut?

Queen Hatshepsut is the first Pharaonic queen to rule Egypt.

One of the most famous queens in history is the fifth Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty.

Egypt ruled from 1503 BC until 1482 BC.

Queen Hatshepsut was born in the Pharaonic palace where she was the eldest son of Egypt’s pharaoh King Thutmose I of the 18th Dynasty and the name Hatshepsut is the original mother of Amon.

Hatshepsut and means Amun’s favorite friend on ladies or princesses.

Hatshepsut was married to King Tuthmosis II, who was her brother where the ancient Pharaohs married their brothers to preserve the king’s offspring and gave birth to a girl called Nefro Ra.

She had a big role in the flourishing trade as it tried to prove its efficiency

Hatshepsut Egypt ruled for 20 years and in its time the country flourished economically and politically. Egypt became the first country to be civilized and rich. Its era was characterized by the strength of the army and the construction and the flights it carried out.

Hatshepsut was one of the beauties. She first wore gloves because of a congenital defect in her finger, where said that she had six fingers in her hand.

It’s part of our Luxor day tour, for a full-day tour visiting West Bank in Luxor, tour includes the valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and Temple of Hatshepsut.

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