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Kom Ombo Temple 

Where is Kom Ombo Temple located? History of Kom Ombo Temple ?!!

Kom Ombo Temple is located in Aswan City, in the south of Egypt, the city of “Kom Ombo”, located on the eastern bank of the Nile between the cities of Edfu and Aswan, and is located at a distance of 45 km from the north of Aswan and 137 km from the south of Luxor.

The town of Kom Ombo was built on the edge of fertile agricultural lands, and at the beginning of the road that brings us to the gold mines in the Eastern Desert, and this city is also located on the road that connects us to the oases and Sudan.

“Kom Ombo Temple” is a compound word, the first syllable of the Arabic is called a hill or a plateau, while the second syllable “Ombo” or “anbu” which is misrepresented to “Ombo” is Greek and means gold.

Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple

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Crocodile Museum in Kom Ombo Temple

It contains mummified crocodiles since the days of the ancient Egyptians. The museum displays 22 of the 50 crocodiles previously found in the area near the Kom Ombo temple, where it displays crocodiles that were still in the fetus stage, small crocodiles and large crocodiles, as well as various lengths of up to about 5.5 meters, next to 8 crocodiles in coffins and burial rolls.

As well as 20 pieces of paintings and statues that belong to crocodile worship.

The museum opened in January 2012.

The museum building originally a police station but due to its location opposite the archaeological sites, the Egyptian government turned it into a museum as part of Kom Ombo Temple.


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