Ibn Tulun Mosque 

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is Located in Cairo, Egypt.

It is the oldest mosque in the city surviving in its original form and is the largest mosque in Cairo in terms of land area.

 Design of Mosque

The mosque is one of the most distinctive architectural artifacts 138 meters long and approximately 118 meters wide

In the center of the courtyard is a large dome based on 4 arches, and the entrance to the mosque has 19 entrances. The minaret is 40 meters high.


It built by Ahmed Ibn Tulun in Cairo in 263 AH. Ahmad ibn Tulun spent 120 thousand dinars in its construction. Tulun is one of the Turkish Mamluk

ks entrusted by the Bukhara to the Fatimid caliph and his son Ahmad Ibn Tulun, who named the mosque as the birth of the princes.

The importance of the reign of Ahmad Ibn Tulun is that the move Egypt from a state of the Abbasid Caliphate to an independent state.

He interested in engineering matters in building the mosque.

The minaret of the mosque is the oldest minaret in Egypt, the only remaining mosque in Egypt, which has not changed its features for hundreds of years.

is the only mosque in Egypt, dominated by the Samarra, where the minaret is listed.

Mosque considered the oldest and most important mosque in Cairo.

The best things you can see in the Mosque
• You can see how this complex is formed, as it consists of an open, roughly rectangular bowl with a length of 92 meters, with an octagonal dome mounted on its neck.

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