Philae Temple

The Temple of Isis is the main temple in the group of Philae Temples in Aswan.

Philae island is located about 4 kilometers south of Aswan.

According to the Greek historian Plutarch (45- 125 AD) in his blog about Isis legend.

the philae temple

The story of Isis

” Isis ” found the heart of her husband  ” Osiris “on the island next to Philae, known as the island of Beja.

And established for her husband a symbolic tomb which she visited daily.

noted that the current buildings were transferred from the original island (Philae) to  ” island Aglika” adjacent to the island of origin between 1972 and 1982. during a large project adopted by UNESCO to save the effects of a flood of Nile water.

Isis Temple 

Philae Island contains two temples, the largest one “Isis Temple”

which is the center of the architectural group and surrounded by some smaller temples.

Philae Temple design

The temple of Isis consists of the gate is in the center of the first edifice

and at the end of it are stairs leading to the second smaller edifice.

Between the two walls is the birth chamber, which contains inscriptions that tell the story of Isis fleeing to the Delta groves for the birth of ” Horus “, and scenes in which she feeds ” Horus “.

Temple contains impressive drawings that combine “Isis ” and “Osiris ” like the one in which Isis divides her wings behind Osiris and saying :

“I will embrace your beauty “

We organize an Aswan day tour to visit Philae temple and other sights like a high dam and Old dam and unfinished obelisk, a very nice tour, will go by boat to the island and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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