Djoser pyramid or Saqqara pyramid or ( Sakkara Pyramid ) and it called stepped pyramid

Located in the south of Giza

The Pyramid is called Djoser pyramid in the village of Saqqara in Egypt.

Was built about 4700 years ago, he is the first pyramid in Egypt.
was built during the reign of King Djoser, who ruled Egypt among the third dynasty of Egypt.

The pyramid was designed by architect Imhotep and was built using 330,400 cubic meters of stone and mud.

The pyramid also contains tunnels under which a maze of about 5.5 km long.

Design of the Djoser pyramid?

The first Egyptian pyramid consists of six terraces built on top of each other, which represents a huge development in the design of the graves in that era

The height of the graduated pyramid of Zoser is 62 meters (203 feet)

with a base of 109 MX 125 m (358 ft x 410 ft) c

He Covered with white limestone.

Tomb of Ti in Saqqara 

The Tomb of Ti . is located in the northern region of Saqqara, a cemetery built by “Kanet”, who was the supervisor of the pyramids in the era of the last kings of the fifth Egyptian family.

he built on In the 24th century BC, to bury him with his wife to ” Nefertep “, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the region

Pyramid of Unas

The Unas pyramid built by Unas, the last king of the Fifth Dynasty. It was known as the beautiful Unas, but now it is a ruin and a small mass, not a royal pyramid.

Entrance fees: 150 EGP per person.

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