Sphinx Egypt

It is the oldest monumental statue in Pharaonic civilization. Sphinx Egypt in Giza Pyramids is a mythical creature with a lion’s body and human head carved from limestone.

It is the oldest monumental statue in Pharaonic civilization.

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The Size of Sphinx 

The length is about 73.5 meters

consisting of 15 meters along the front legs,
And the width of 19.3 m,
Its highest elevation is about 20 meters to the top of the head.

The history of Sphinx 

Indeed, the question of who is the builder of the Sphinx is still open to research.

Opinions differed as to who built the statue, the old view that it represents King Khafra combining the power of the lion and the wisdom of man.

Some archaeologists believe that King Khufu is the one who built it where the face of the Sphinx looks like a statue of Khufu.

Sphinx of Giza

The statue had a long nose that was 1 meter wide but the statue had lost its nose 

There are rumors that the nose was destroyed by Napoleon’s artillery.
And other rumors that the British or the Mameluks or others.

But the drawings by the Danish explorer Frederick Louis Nordin of the Sphinx in 1737 and published in 1755 in his book “The Trip to Egypt and Nubia” illustrate the statue without a nose, which is consistent with the view of Egyptologist Dr. Muhannad Abu Hadid.

There are other opinions to explain this:

That the sons of kings Pharaohs were competing in the shooting.
The erosion factors may be the cause.
It is said without a nose.
But all the theories agreed that the main reason was that the nose was the weakest point in the Sphinx

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