Things to do in Egypt

Top 10 things to do in Egypt, Best things to do in Egypt

“Noga Tours Egypt” recommend for you the 10 best things to do in Egypt and must-visit around Egypt, as following:

Pyramids of Giza 

Cairo tour to Egyptian Museum

Dinner cruise in Cairo

 Nile Cruise trip

 Siwa Oasis tours

Hurghada beaches – Snorkeling & Diving

Fayoum Oasis tour 

St Catherine & Moses Mountain tour


things to do in Egypt

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx and Sakkara

The Pyramids of Giza one of the best things to do in Egypt and are the most important tourist attractions in Cairo or even around the world. It is one of the largest and most important archaeological buildings built throughout history for the wonders of its engineering and its magnitude.

We remind you of the most important pyramids.

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 Cairo tour to Egyptian Museum – Christian & Islamic Cairo

Cairo The charming city, among the most important tourist places to visit in Cairo is: the ancient Egyptian museum which contains the treasures of Pharaonic and The ancient  age and modern age

The Egyptian Museum is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world, located in the heart of the Egyptian capital

And also Old Cairo to visit Citadel of Saladin To learn about the Islamic age

and Also do not miss visiting Christian sights and Coptic Cairo

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Dinner cruise in Cairo

Cairo Nile Dinner Cruise, one of the best tours to do in Cairo at night, its 5 stars cruise for 2 hours on the River Nile, Explore Cairo by Night, tour include entertaining one for local music, Belly dance, and Tanoura dance.

Open buffet dinner with a variety of Egyptian food 

Highly recommended tour in Cairo

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 Nile Cruise Tour in Luxor & Aswan

Nile Cruise trip to visit Aswan and Luxor

Nile Cruise’s 5 stars ship, provides all hotels services from swimming pool, gym, disco, bar, dining hall, five-star rooms, Accommodation type will be Full board (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner ) delicious and variety open buffet and special food for vegetarian, Cruise has concerts and oriental party every night. It is one of the most beautiful trips in Egypt. The journey starts from Luxor for five days, 4 nights, and sailing to Aswan. During the trip, the tourist attractions in Luxor temples and sights, Edfu city, and Kom Ombo, and then reach Aswan city. A very worthy experience, you can choose from our vacation packages.

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5 days Nile cruise 

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 Siwa Oasis – Egypt Safari 

Time of Tranquility

 Siwa oasis is one of the best Oasis in Egypt in the Western desert, 820 km from Cairo, 65 km from the Libyan border.

One of the most important and famous oases in the world, and one of the most popular tourist and heritage destinations for tourists

The oasis is unique with many natural ingredients, including various historical and cultural monuments.

The spread of crops, palm trees, olives, and their fresh groundwater,

In addition to lakes and springs of natural water,

The wells and springs used for irrigation, drinking, natural water filling, and treatment, with four large lakes, are also scattered. Several archaeological sites, such as the Temple of Amun, which witnessed the phenomenon of spring equinox twice a year, and the graves of the Mount of the Dead, include several types of animal and plant life forms.

The oasis is home to approximately 35,000 people, most of whom work in agriculture or tourism. The desert continental climate is an oasis, it is very hot in summer, but its winter is very cold at night.

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Hurghada beaches – Snorkeling & Diving in Red sea coral

The city of Hurghada, located on the coast of the Red Sea

Hurghada has wonderful coral reefs, which are considered underwater gardens, which is why many see them as one of the best diving places in the world.
The number of tourists is beyond imagination
Its beaches are a relatively easy haven for Europeans.

It has the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world.

So nice for Family trips and for adventure lovers.

Hurghada Tour packages

Adventure trip to visit Fayoum oasis

Fayoum is It is the largest natural oasis in Egypt, Enjoy the beauty of Fayoum
A wide range of activities and excursions are available

Adventure tour contains a desert environment, including sand dunes, natural eyes, different plant life, various animals, as well as marine excavations.

Fayoum activities: Sandboarding or parasailing in the sky, amidst magnificent bird landscapes.

horse riding

Bird watching: You can explore and watch a variety of birds in Fayoum throughout the year

Desert safari by jeep 
Explore the beauty of the Fayoum oasis with an off-road jeep adventure deep into the desert. Daily and overnight camping trips are held.

Valley of the Whales
It is a natural reserve for prehistoric fossils, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage area for whale skeletons.

Rayan Valley
It is a natural depression in the Western Desert, located 42 meters below sea level. It consists of two lakes connected by the only waterfall in Egypt.

Fayoum day tour from Cairo

 St. Catherine monastery and mousse mountain

Saint Catherine’s Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world

 Mount Moses and the Monastery of Saint Catherine is one of the famous excursions in Sharm el-Sheikh,  (Mount Sinai) is located in the middle of South Sinai, 230 km from Sharm el-Sheikh .

It was called Mount Moses after the Prophet Moses, who spoke to God from the top of the mountain peak and received the Ten Commandments according to all the divine religions.

The length of Mount Moses is 2285 meters.

Enjoy its quiet atmosphere and the silence of its mountains

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