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Cairo is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the largest and most important city at all, and is the largest Arab city in terms of population and area, and ranks second in Africa and seventeenth in the world in terms of population, with a population of 9.7 million, according to 2018 statistics, representing 10.6% of the total population The population of Egypt.


Modern Cairo is a dazzling varied metropolis that hums with activity all year round.

A city of contrasts, it is a place where donkey carts, jockey with Mercedes along the crowded streets where a thousand minarets adorn the skyline alongside a sea of skyscrapers.
Each of the pagan, Christian, and Muslim civilizations that Cairo has hosted has left its imprint in the form of customs, celebrations, monuments, and artifacts.

Monuments such as the Pyramids, Sphinx, lively bazaars, Famous Islamic Mosques, and ancient Coptic Churches open a window of a glorious past.

A Center of cultural, social intellectual, economic, and political activity, Cairo also holds a diversity of world-famous hotel chains, glittering nightclubs, Casinos, and discos Cairo the city that never sleeps, being the cultural and commercial center of the Arab world and the largest in Africa and the Middle East.

Cairo is, Egypt s capital, where East meets West, combining the exoticism of one and the sophistication of the other, is the largest city in Africa and the heart of the Arab world.

Cairo strikes one as a land of vivid contrasts. Its ancient civilization, unique history, and culture blend harmoniously with the modern refinements of the 20th century. Egypt vacation packages prices, Egypt pyramid holiday packages

Cairo Attractions 

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in the heart of downtown

In Tahrir square

The Egyptian Museum, famous tours around Cairo, the most beautiful places in Egypt, was first built in Boulak. In 1891, it was moved to Giza Palace of “Ismail Pasha” which housed the antiquities that were later moved to the present building. The Egyptian Museum is situated at Tahrir square in Cairo. It was built during the reign of Khedive Abbass Helmi II in 1897 and opened on November 15, 1902 (More History). It has 107 halls. On the ground floor, there are huge statues. The upper floor houses small statues, jewels, Tutankhamon treasures, and the mummies.

The museum contains more than 150 thousand artifacts, most notably those found in the tombs of the kings and the royal footnote of the Middle Dynasty in the Dahshuri era

When the museum was established, it was located in Al-Azbakiya Park in 1835 and its contents were transferred to the second exhibition hall of Saladin Castle until it was opened in Giza on the Nile shore at Bulaq. When these monuments were exposed to the danger of flooding, they were transferred to the annexation of the Khedive Ismail Palace in Giza. Khedive Abbas Helmy since 1902 in the heart of Cairo.

  • The antiquities were distributed on two floors, the basement containing heavy monuments such as stone coffins, statues, paintings, and murals. The upper floor contains thematic themes such as manuscripts, statues of lords, royal mummies, the effects of everyday life, mummies, unfinished sculptures, Roman-Roman statues and vessels, and other life-life influences.

The Museum also comprises a photography section and a large library. The Egyptian museum comprises many sections arranged in chronological order.

  • The first section houses Tutankhamon’s treasures.
  • The second section houses the pre-dynasty and the Old Kingdom monuments.
  • The third section houses the first intermediate period and the Middle Kingdom monuments.
  • The fourth section houses the monuments of the Modern Kingdom.
  • The fifth section houses the monuments of the late period and the Greek and Roman periods.
  • The sixth section houses coins and papyrus.
  • The seventh section houses sarcophagi and scrabs.

A hall for the royal mummies was opened at the museum, housing eleven kings and queens. More than a million and a half tourists visit the museum annually, in addition to half a million Egyptians.

The Museum available to visit every day of the week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The Citadel of Saladin 

The citadel of Salah al-Din is one most beautiful places in Egypt and the most important tourist attraction in the city of Cairo, where it is one of the old Arab landmarks non-stratified in the city.

Saladin began building a fortress over Mount Mokattam in Cairo in a place known as the Dome of the Air. But he could not complete his life. But completed by Sultan Al-Kamel bin Al-Adel. The first king was the king and took it as the king’s palace. And it continued so until the era of Muhammad Ali. Where it is one of the most important traces of the world’s witness to the wars of the Middle Ages.

  • The castle also contains a number of archaeological museums such as the Museum of vehicles, the Military Museum, and the Garden Museum, all worth a visit. Where it contains a large number of rare artifacts.

Mohamad Ali mosque ” Alabaster mosque 

Mohammed Ali Mosque is a mosque built in the Ottoman style in Cairo, similar to the Mosque of Ayia Sophia in Istanbul, built by Muhammad Ali Pasha inside the Citadel of Salah al-Din in the Egyptian capital Cairo, between the period from 1830 to 1848.

The total area of the mosque is 5 thousand square meters and the mosque is rectangular. The building is divided into two parts: the eastern section, the area of 2500 square meters, which is ready for prayer, and the western area is 2500 square meters with the middle of the ablution of ablution, and the two sections have two opposite doors, one to the south and the other to the north.

You can see the walls of the mosque from inside and outside, where the marble abster imported from Beni Suef quarries, as well as the four shoulders of the internal bearing of the dome

  • You can see one of the oddities of the mosque as there is the top dome to the left piece of marble was engraved face of the Queen of Britain and the inscription of the British islands when she visited the mosque in 1920
  • All the walls of the mosque were covered with the highest marble cladding of the interior with gold-colored ornaments. The large dome and semi-domes were decorated with gilt-colored motifs

The castle visit is available all weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Ibn Tulun Mosque is a mosque built by Ahmed Ibn Tulun in Cairo in 263 AH. Ahmad ibn Tulun spent 120 thousand dinars on its construction. Tulun is one of the Turkish Mamluks entrusted by the Bukhara to the Fatimid caliph and his son Ahmad Ibn Tulun, who named the mosque as the birth of the princes. The importance of the reign of Ahmad Ibn Tulun is that the move that Egypt moved from a state of the Abbasid Caliphate to an independent state.

He was interested in engineering matters in building the mosque. The minaret of the mosque is the oldest minaret in Egypt, the only remaining mosque in Egypt, which has not changed its features for hundreds of years. The Ibn Tulun Mosque is the only mosque in Egypt, dominated by the Samarra, where the minaret is listed. Ibn Tulun Mosque is considered the oldest and most important mosque of the most important mosques in the city of Cairo

The best things you can see in the Mosque of Ibn Tulun
• You can see how this complex is formed, as it consists of an open, roughly rectangular bowl with a length of 92 meters, with an octagonal dome mounted on its neck. 

Sultan Hassan Mosque

 Sultan Hassan School of Sultan Hassan Mosque is one of the famous archaeological mosques in Cairo. Is described as the Islamic architecture of the East, and the most important effects of Cairo Islamic harmony and harmony, built  on 1359 

Khan El- Khalili

Khan al-Khalili is one of Cairo’s old neighborhoods and features bazaars, shops, and popular restaurants
Khan al-Khalili is one of the oldest markets in the East, over 600 years old, and its original architecture remains intact since the Mamluk era. A large number of merchants from the Palestinian city of Hebron immigrated to him and now live in a community of Hebronites who live there and work in commerce. Khan al-Khalili is attributed to this city in Cairo. He was named by the name of one of the Mamluk princes. He was named Jerks al-Khalili, who is from Hebron.

  • The Khan has a place dedicated to leather and copper products and historical accessories such as swords, copper helmets, and belts. The prices of these products vary in size and size.
  • You can buy souvenirs from incense imported from Sudan, Oud incense imported from Saudi Arabia, papyrus bearing hieroglyphic drawings and words, amulets, icons and poems, and engravings telling the story of Isis and Osiris. And see the swimming pools of various types, including olive and plastic seeds called “morning light” and made of turquoise and coral.

Cairo Tower 

The Cairo Tower is located in Cairo.

It was built between 1956 and 1961 by reinforced concrete on the design of the Egyptian lotus flower, designed by engineer Naoum Shabib, located in the heart of Cairo on the island of Zamalek in the Nile.

It is 187 meters high and is 43 meters higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Cairo.

To see when you stand on the top is a complete panorama of Cairo, the pyramids, the TV building, the Sphinx, the Nile, and the Citadel of Saladin.

You will feel as you look at the magnifying glasses that you are visiting all of Egypt in one moment.

You can enjoy your lunch or dinner at the restaurant on the 14th floor and at 160 meters for a delicious meal with the family. This restaurant is in a circular shape around a focal point to see Cairo and you can take some pictures.

The tower is available to visit every day of the week from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Coptic Cairo 

Coptic Museum

Christian Cairo, this museum was opened in ancient Egypt within the boundaries of the fortress of Babylon, whose remains are located behind the museum building, but there were many additions in the era of the Roman empires and then added to it by the Roman emperors.

The number of holdings in the Coptic Museum is estimated at 16,000. The museum’s holdings have been arranged according to their size to twelve sections.

The Coptic Museum is the largest museum in the world for the monuments of Egypt from the Coptic period.

The best activities you can do in the Coptic Museum
• The museum contains many sections such as the textile and textile section that dates back hundreds of years, the section of ivory and icons, the wood and metal section, and the glass section.

  • You can see the tomb of geese, which shows the overlap between the signs of the cross and the ankh, which dates back to the end of the 4th century AD.

You can see the pieces of fabric that have some Christian symbols dating back to the 6th century AD.

  • You can also see a bronze lamp with a handle on the shape of the crescent and the cross, and an engraving on an ivory comb showing some of the miracles of Jesus.

Changing Church 

Ben Ezra Synagogue 

Things to do in Cairo 

Sound and light show in Egypt 

The sound and light shows are performed in Egypt at various archaeological sites such as the Pyramids of Giza, the temples of Karnak, Philae Temple in Aswan, Abu Simbel and the world-famous Edfu .

where their historical and cultural value exceeds all descriptions. The latest lighting, laser, and projection technology are used to visualize the hidden secrets of Egyptian Pharaonic civilization.

Each year hundreds of thousands attend these great shows.


Pyramids Sound and light show

Have you ever wondered how life has been for thousands of years? These ideas inspired the artists to take you there, briefly, by creating a sound and light show. , And imagine the power of the rule of the ancient Egyptians. The artists created brilliantly a wonderful show that can attract you in all ages of history. You will enjoy an hour’s presentation of sound and light near the Pyramids and Sphinx, the Sphinx novel about the effects of the oldest secrets of the world.

As if you were visiting the pyramids in the 21st century, after thousands of years how they were built, and how these tall buildings continued through the generations and also attests to the great human spirit that they created. 

Show available in all languages. 

Book now: Pyramids sound and light show 

Dinner cruise on the Nile, Cairo Dinner cruise 

A special and unique dinner on Nile Nile dinner, accompanied by live music, excellent service …

You spend an unforgettable dinner while watching the folklore shows, the charming colors of the skirt, and the oriental dance ” Belly Dance” while enjoying the unique tasting dishes.

2 hours Sailing on the Nile, with an amazing deck to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful lights on the banks of the Nile.

Book Now: Cairo Dinner cruise 


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