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Valley of the Kings

Located in the western bank of the Nile in Luxor, Valley of the Kings contains one-third of the world’s monuments.


Valley of the Kings


the Valley of the Kings contains the most famous historical tombs in the world.

where the Pharaohs buried their kings for 500 years.

The Valley is known as the “Great Funeral City” and named by the Hieroglyphics (Ta Secht Maat) Means the Great Valley.

The number of tombs discovered about 63 cemeteries, both royal and non-royal.

Tomb of Tutankhamun

One of the most famous tombs of the Valley of the Kings is the tomb of Little ” King Tutankhamun“, which caused a stir in the world when it discovered by Howard Carter.

Scientists believe that the ancients chose the Valley of the Kings to be the place to commemorate them before moving to the other life.

That’s because of the pyramid shape of the mountain, which is about 300 meters high.

Tomb of Ramses IV

In one of the most beautiful tombs in the Valley of the Kings lies the tomb of No. 2 on the right side of the road outside the direct entrance barrier. The tomb, which looted by thieves in ancient times, not found in the mummy of Ramesses IV.

Above the entrance to the tomb stands the golden sun disk, which represents the “God Ra” symbol of power, and on both sides of the solar disk, we see Isis and Nephthys.

Inside the cemetery, there is a large granite ark, which is more than 10 feet length and 7 feet wide, and a height of more than 8 feet.

The ceiling of the room has a drawing of the goddess Note, with its starry body, and behind the burial chamber.

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